The Beginning Of High school

Whether you stayed in Public school or decided to go Private school, people change in high school. If you are new to a school don’t stress because there are a lot of others in the same position as you! Friendships are important in high school, and its the only way you will make it through with out being miserable. There are many ways to make friends your freshman year of high school, hear are a few!

Join a Sport-Club:
Joining a sport is a great way to make friends in high school, hey thats how I made all my best friends! Being part of a team is like being part of a family, and having the same interests will make easy relationships with friends. Being a part of club such as “Big Brother Big Sister” will get you involved in your community and its an easy way to make friends in the process.

Talk to People In Your Classes: Even if you are not the most sociable one out of the bunch, be friendly! Ask people, where there from, what they are interested in ext. Because many people are in the same position as you, so speak up!

Most Importantly, know who your friends are. Be smart when it comes to what groups you hang out with ext. some groups of kids will get you in trouble. Be open to new people, and most importantly be nice to all!



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